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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Volleyball Season

Volleyball is so fun! But so time consuming! Between that and school, I don't have time for much else! :) It's been a great season, but I'm glad in a way that it's over in two weeks. Volleyball is also a very emotional and stressful sport! It is very stressful on friendships. But we always seem to come out of the season even better than the year before! :) So yeah, It's been good, stressful, emotional, but good.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Youth Conference

Hey! Guess where I just got back from. A Youth Conference. I guess the title gave that away! :) Anyways, it was alot of fun. We got their Thursday night and had a snack and a service right after. Then we spent the night at my aunts house. Friday morning we went to the Church their and had cereal and donuts for breakfast! (totally unhealthy) After Breakfast was another service. Then we went to triple play! I went on the Go Carts 3 times, played mini golf once, and played laser tag once. :) It was fun, but I don't think I would ever play laser tag or mini golf again! ;) After that we got on a bus full of people and headed back to the Church for dinner and one last service! Brother Smallwood (the speaker) Preached about Finding Joy in Christ. One thing he said that really made an impact on me was, "We should find Joy in Christ, not what we do for Christ." It was a really good two days! I wish all of you could have been their too!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Blog! =)

Hey! Well, I finally started a blog! :) Many People have been telling me that I should, so I finally decided to! I don't know how long this will actually last, but so far I'm enjoying it! :P Of course I've only had it for 5 minutes. ;) Anyways, I'm really excited! I know that I can keep up with a lot of people on facebook, but then their is the few who don't have it! Plus I like writing, so this seemed like a great thing to start doing! I can't wait to really get into it! But that will have to wait until after the movie. (Which, by the way, I am watching with my totally awesome brother, "Tyler!") Hope you all have a great evening!